Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December in southern Arizona

We spent part of Saturday at the Desert Marigold School's winter fair. It was alot of fun. The little decorated cookies, made candle holders, Caelan shot arrows into a bale of straw, lunched a trebuchet, SCA put on a demo, very fun! My favorite parts were the amazingly lovely biodynamic garden and the chickens.
garden at the desert marigold school

cae making candle holder

cookie eating

tree climbing

on the monkey bars

using a bow and arrows

using the trebuchet

watching the knights battle

more marigolds

 On Monday we met with some friends at a local park. It was such a lovely day, sun shining, occasional breeze, and all the children running about. Fiona has really spread her wings. She loves to wander about the park and climb on all of the high playground equipment. She is giving me a run for my money. We took a nice wander around the lake and watched the ducks, thew pebbles in the water, spied the flock of peach faced lovebirds that live wild in the Phoenix area, and make "birfday tates" with friends.
at the park with friends

fiona's sweet baby feet

wild peach-faced lovebirds

by the duck pond

tossing rocks in the pond
On Sunday (yes, I am going out of order) Sister came to spend the day, which is always a special treat. Luckily she is just up the road at ASU so this happens weekly. But I remembered to pull out the camera and got this wonderful photo of my silly bunch of kids. Man, I am so lucky.
my lovely children


Marcy said...

Great photo ! Such happy, goofy faces! They made me giggle! Sounds like you had a lovely time tjis past weekend! What I wouldn't give to have my littles running around outside with just their shorts on right about now! Warm weather in December is such an anomaly to me, although it has been warmer than "usual" over the past few years!

Lovely! Thank you for sharing xx

Tracey said...

What an awesome group of children you have there, I love seeing all the smiling faces!
It sounds like you had a fun weekend and that looks like a fun park to visit.