Thursday, December 13, 2012

Phoestivus at the down town market

public art... we think it looks like a vortex

my dad's booth


so busy

live music


we found some friends
Tonight was the final night of the third annual Phoestivus at the downtown Phoenix market. The kids and I met up with Audrey and Derek and we all rode the lightrail downtown, which is always such a fun way to get anywhere (coming home is a different story. lol). The market was so busy, and fun. So many great booths, such lovely crafts, talkative artists, a wondering choir singing Christmas songs, a live band, and a crossfit gym doing the "feats of strength" I actually held a squat for 1 minute, I thought my legs would fall off afterwards, but I have to admit I am pretty proud of myself. A midwife group even had a booth with a lovely rocking chair for nursing mothers to use, which was so nice, Fiona and I took 10 minutes to rock and nurse and listen to birth stories. I found the sweetest doll for Fiona, so I think that is one less thing I will be knitting. My dad's booth was seeing a lot of traffic, hopefully his sales went well.
We met up with some friends and the kids visited for a bit, ate candy, cookies and cupcakes, ran around, danced and just had a great time. I just love evenings like this.


D.Reading said...

Haha I had no idea if I was gonna be in that picture or not but I'm glad it turned out good anyway! Thanks for inviting me! :)

aka Jules said...

What fun... sounds amazing! love that first pic!