Sunday, December 2, 2012

* Gratitude Sunday * and a season of mindfulness

I am joining Taryn of Wooly Moss Roots for a weekly Sunday ritual. A heart felt tradition. A time to slowdown, reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.
I am also joining Marcy from A Simple Life in a Season of Mindfulness. A time to dig down deep with in myself and rediscover me. To really be attentive to my desire to be mindful within my life.

~ I am grateful for lazy days spent with the kids at home
~ The local Waldorf schools winter fair
~ Finally getting that handmade holiday list almost complete
~ Fiona's happy spirit even when she is sick
~ Yoga
~ New ideas brewing in my head
~ Rekindling my passion
~ This beautiful, amazing on-line community of bloggers that inspire me, challenge me, and I feel, make me a better mother, wife, person
~ I am ever so grateful for having the eyes to see all of my many, many blessings
~ Having a list of fun things to do every day with the kiddies
~ Coconuts. They are a wonder food!
~ Eggnog. Oh how I love this time of year... eggnog season!
~ Talking to the kids about whether Bigfoots hibernate or migrate
~ Cheery holiday lights strung up in the house
~ Finding time to find myself


Angela said...

What a happy list! I hope you kiddo is on the mend. Our whole family looks forward to the return of eggnog at the grocer's, too. :)

Tracey said...

Ha, it's funny how glorious the coconut has become isn't it? I have coconut milk, coconut water, coconut butter and whole coconuts in my kitchen right now.
My husband and sons love eggnog, me not so much. Have you ever made it homemade, they swear it is the best.

momto5 said...

tracey: i never have. although the kids want me to learn, so we could have it all the time. lol
and coconut butter is heavenly, especially in dates. yum yum

fairymom said...

New ideas and time to yourself. These are so important. For me it takes one for the other to happen!

sustainablemum said...

A lovely list, so many things to be grateful for.

Olof Drofn Eggertsdottir said...

What a great list! Will have to start joining you guys in this.

Marcy said...

Lovely list! I'm so happy to be able to join others on a weekly Gratitude journey! It truly keeps it real when you can experience others' and their gratitudes. Thank you for finding me in blogland xoxo

Marcy said...

OH! And I am, too, such a sucker for eggnog ~

Marcy said...

OH! And I am, too, such a sucker for eggnog ~

NaturalMommy said...

Yoga & Eggnog DIVINE :)

Taryn Kae Wilson said...

Beautiful quote!

Sara said...

I have to ask, what is it about coconuts that you love so much? Just wondering! :)

momto5 said...

@Sara: well, honestly i have always enjoyed coconuts ever since i was a kid, but i never knew how good they were for you, plus you know, i always ate them in sort of dessert form. now that i have learned more about them, i am just amazed. the fat in a coconut is really good for you to eat, coconut milk is super tasty and good for you too, and of course so is the flesh. plus, well, it is just so darn yummy. lol

NoƩmie said...

Love lazy days with the kids... And yoga is so relaxing and make us feel better !