Thursday, December 6, 2012


While skipping around the internet I ran across this little thing. I am feel as if it came at just the right time. Something to think about, and realize that YES! it speaks the truth. Taking time to rediscover myself, find my joys, being ok with disappointments, moving forward, growing, loving, letting go... all are so important. 
Maybe because this time of year leads to introspection, or maybe because I tend to do this every once an awhile, but I feel pulled to rediscover my passions. And not just find them, but then move on that and actually DO something with what I discover.



Joining Marcy at A Simple Life, for a time of introspection.


Usborne Books Liz said...

I tend to look inward at this time of year, too. Not an easy thing to do sometimes.

Tracey said...

Thanks for the picture, I agree, it's so true!
I am looking forward to where you passions take you, it should be fun.

gioia albano Mama Artist said...

I love this, I should print it and pin it on my wall! ;-)