Thursday, May 31, 2012

Science Center

nano technology

balancing nature and technology

the new awesome water area

more water

building with really cool blocks

building a dam

the rift zone

watching rock erosion

cae at the electricity show

rowan behind the screen

sagan at the warp your face
We met some friends at the Arizona Science Center. I just love this place. So many great things for the kids to do, so hands on. The great thing is, is after 4 hours there we still haven't seen everything, so we always want to go back. I was able to get Logan to come along with us, which was really great.
I really like the new(ish) water exhibit they have now. It will be way fun when the summer heats up.

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Nicole said...

We had so much fun! Henry passed out on his bed right when we got home :)