Sunday, October 7, 2012

In the Autumn book basket

We have ALOT of books, shelves and shelves of books. So many books that some of our favorites would be lost on the shelves. So, at the beginning of the year I bought four nice, sturdy boxes and then I went through all of the kids books. I got rid of some that no one seemed to like, recycled the ripped and broken books and I divided all the rest up by seasons. We seemed to have alot of books that fell into one season or another. The ones that had no season, stayed on the shelf all year long. BUT at the change of the season I box up the old season's books and bring out the new ones. I did this earlier in the week. The boys were so excited to see all of the autumn books that had been put away for the last few months. We picked out our favorites and they are in a basket in the living room, so when ever the urge strikes and we are in need of emergency book reading, there they are ready and waiting.

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Barefoot Books Liz said...

Great idea! I tried to that once but now that my son is older, it won't work. I miss buying/reading picture books.