Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thursday and Friday


Thursday the kids and I went to Catalina to visit Howard's Orchard (I would post a link, except the man has no website!) We were a bit late in the season to be picking apples, all that was left were granny smith. Still, it was so much fun. The kids had to climb ladders and the trees themselves to get the good apples hidden way up high. After about an hour of picking the kids had gathered 33lbs of apples! I have a nice big crock pot full up of apples doing it's thing turning from tart lovely green apples, in to delicious spicy, sweet apple butter. (the best part of that recipe is no peeling is necessary!)

Friday we got daddy to take the day off of work and we headed up north to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon to see if we could spy some lovely fall colors. We were a few weeks too early, just a smattering of reds, pinks, and golds, but oh so nice to see. We picked a doosy of a day, temperatures were a wee bit chilly for us and it rained off and on, still we managed three creek crossing and a 2 hour hike. The boys did great, but they tend to do that when they get to run and frolic and climb and jump and just be wild little elves all day long. I have to say Sedona is one of my favorite places, your driving along enjoying the lovely scenery and then BAM there it is, those beautiful red rocks. It knocks me out every time.

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Elisa said...

What a fun trip. You should link it up to my Nature Walk. It is beautiful.