Monday, October 15, 2012

Manic Monday

After much talk the boys and I have decided to take a week long sabbatical from the computer... and I have to do it too. (eeeep). Although honestly, I could use it as well. You know how it is, you get on the computer to just check your emails, or maybe catch up on a little blog reading... you know for like, maybe 30 minutes and then BAM two hours has passed.
Friday evening I was complaining weeping to my dear husband that I just can't seem to get everything done in a day. I can't do all the knitting I want to do, get those sewing projects done, read ANYTHING, get to organizing our homeschooling in any meaningful way, I just seem to have too many irons in the fire. WHy can't I get all my stuff done? I get up early, I am home all day, why I am always feeling like at the end of a day I just didn't do anything? Well, because honestly, I spend a bit more time on the computer then I care to admit. You can't get all your things done if you fanny is sitting on the sofa with a laptop on your lap. (If only I had a time turner.)
So starting today, NO COMPUTER until Sunday. Man, that seems like a million years from now (does that mean I am addicted??) In the mean time, I will be knitting and sewing holiday gifts, reading some books and hanging with my boys.
I hope you all have a beautiful week.


Anneli said...

I hope you'll enjoy your break. Maybe I should take one to. Looking forward to your return on sunday.

DesertSnowdrop said...

lol..I know exactly what you mean. You get on and it is like old home week. You want to see what this person is growing, or this person is canning, or what that homeschooling mother is doing...and 2 hours later...there you are. I feel for you, as I am the same way. Finals is coming up and I have been limiting myself as well....otherwise I would not get any studying done and fail! lol Enjoy your time and do not stress..there is always tomorrow!

Mama Gone Green said...

hope your computer-free week is treating you well. I could probably use one of those (although I would still have to use it for work! boo...)

Laura Bray said...

So brave of you! I totally agree about what a time suck screens in general can be. I've started setting a timer when I get on the computer and when it goes off, I must get off. It's really helped me find balance.