Monday, July 8, 2013


Joining Amanda from The Habit of Being.

This weekend was spent watching a lot of Van Halen videos on Youtube, Fiona LOVES David Lee Roth, go figure. I got bit by the knitting bug again and whipped out a baby hat and finished up three projects that were waiting patiently for me to get inspired again, so glad I did.
Sunday was spent with family celebrating my oldest child, my oldest daughter's 19th birthday. Made LOTS of no bake pies. Yum yum.
Maybe, possibly, there could be an end in sight to this morning sickness, I have been feeling this overpowering need to clean stuff really well. Who knows, maybe this week the toys will be reorganized, the bedrooms gone through, and the pantry cleaned up... or maybe I will nap some more and eat cheesecake.


Tracey said...

That is so funny that Fiona loves David Lee Roth!
Happy birthday to your oldest, and happy birthing day to you too.
I am so glad to hear the morning sickness is coming to an end, but to tell you the truth, if I was you I would nap and eat cheesecake, all that other stuff isn't going anywhere. ;) Cheesecake is better than cleaning out any day!

karen said...

happy birthday to your oldest and thank goodness you are on the tail end of morning sickness! I bet that was quite tiring :)

the habit of being said...

i vote for naps and cheesecake :)

Erin said...

mmmm sounds like a yummy weekend... cheesecake!