Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crafting (AKA trying to work out yet another rhythm)

It happens every so often, I am just overwhelmed with our lack of rhythm. It creeps in slowly things are fine and over time it just slowly falls apart. I don't notice until everything is a hot mess. Kids staying up too late, too much time on the computer, too much fighting between the kids, not enough focused time. I guess it is too much breathing out, not enough breathing in. So have been working over the last couple weeks to come up with a rhythm that suits our ever changing needs. It feels good, like spring cleaning our life.

Inspired by Wee Folk Art's Homeschool Curriculum , decided I would make one for us and our environment. As much as I love all the woodland, beachy, summer fun stuff our reality is... We live in the Sonoran Desert, our summers aren't filled with loads of time outside because it is 110 degrees mid day, for weeks on end. And that is ok, I need to just let go of my fantasy of being at the beach every day. So this summer we have a whole heap of great books to read, fun trips to take, and new things to learn, all related to this awesome place we live.

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