Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

I often think about how our society is set up to keep us all from each other, children put in schools all day, parents in separate jobs, grandparents hold up at home or locked away in nursing homes. Families separated from other families because of the idea that we should independent. We are all at this craziness alone. It is hard, because we shouldn't be parenting alone. How much easier would mothering be if you knew the neighbor had your back and wasn't going to call CPS on you because your two year old was running around outside naked on a sunny day while you hurried to grab the water? Or at the grocery store when your 4 year old is in full on meltdown over the candy set RIGHT BY THE CHECK OUT LANE, instead of people giving you the stink eye, maybe they help put the groceries on the conveyor belt.
How much more family togetherness would we have if families could survive and thrive on a single income, and that income could be made in any manner of ways like mom working full time, or dad working full time or mom and dad both working part time in jobs that inspire them and fill them up rather than deplete them and wear down their souls.
What if schools could be set up in a way to help children follow their own path and help them focus their strengths and joy into areas that would truly bring them happiness?
What if our elders where actually active in our lives? Offering wisdom and a different out look on life.
Yes, this is what I ponder while driving, or while I sit outside with the kids as they run about the yard. Heather Cushman-Dowdee has written about this very stuff in her comics over the years, some of my favorite are when she does ponder these very questions and gives her thoughts on the solutions. It was always so nice to read her stuff and know I was not alone in my wishes for the world.


sustainablemum said...

That sounds like the sort of world I would love to live in. We create one once a year at a home ed camp and it is wonderful. We are social creatures who need to live in communities.

Iris said...

Beautifully said, and so very true.