Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday my sweet girlie!

Today my lovely baby girl turns 15. It doesn't seem possible that that much time has passed. It went all too quickly. I wish I could have lingered over them more, not wished the time away so often. When you wish to pay off a debt quickly, hurrying along those months and years, you also are hurrying along the days, weeks, months and years of your children's lives.
I wish I had a few more nights of her smallness, her newness. She was such a lovey baby. I loved nursing her, having her sleep on my chest. I never wanted to put her down.
All too soon she will be ready to leave the nest... I can not even imagine that day. I love you honey. Happy birthday!


Audrey said...

I will always be your baby girl, mom. I love you.

Amy Bradstreet said...

::sniff sniff:: running for the tissues. Oh those milestones can be heart-wrenching for sure.

bailiwick said...

You're so amazing, Heather. Your children are so lucky to have the life you give them.