Monday, July 13, 2009

Yesterday with Nana... part 3


After we dropped Audrey off at the YWC meeting in Portland, we had plans to show Nana our favorite beach in all of Maine... Kettle Cove. But we got side tracked, we saw a horse drawn carriage ride and made our way over there, only to be swept away in the excitement of a sunset boat tour of Casco Bay. So off we went on a boat! The boys first boat ride ever, my first in years and years... and Nana's too! We went past an island/rock that was covered with seals! And learned that the islands around Maine are actually part of the Appalachian mountians. That during the ice age the coast line of Maine was actually 200 miles further out to sea. When the ice melted the coast line moved in and the mountains were covered in ocean water, only the tippy tops now show.
The boys had a great time. I don't think Cae and Sagan sat still for more then 2 minutes. Up and down, looking over the edge, coming back to me to say how exciting it all was, then back to the seat, then up again to ask the captina if we are getting close to the seal rock.
After we got off the boat we went and picked up Audrey and went to...

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