Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday at Kettle Cove with Nana...

After dropping Audrey off at another YWC meeting, I took the boys and Nana to Kettle Cove. It was an amazingly lovely late afternoon. The water was warmish, there was a lovely breeze off the ocean, the sun was warm, and there were people there swimming and digging in the sand, but not too many as to feel crowded. There was a girl and a boy diving under the water and pulling up crabs and putting them in a bucket. When it was time for them to leave they let the boys hold some of the crabs, and the kids set them all free. Logan became the "seagull whisper" and sat very still next to a seemingly flightless seagull who evetually let Logan pet him (or her, not really sure). Nana sat in the chair and watched the boats and all the kids playing. We got to see a few people in kaykas come up to shore and pack up their gear and head for home. It was a bummer to have to leave, I would have loved to stay until sunset, but that was a good 30-45 minutes away when we left.

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