Friday, July 10, 2009

Thomas Point Beach part 1

With the sun out and the temperature close to 80, we packed up lunch and headed to the beach. This time it was Thomas Point beach. What a lovely place! A nice grassy area, a play ground, picnic area hidden amongst the trees, and a really nice beach. The waves lapped on the beach gently, the water close to the shore was shallow and warm(ish), even Rowan wadded in. Off to the left is a salt mash where Audrey and Logan spent a good part of the day wading up to their necks and swimming about, exploring distance shores. After a bit of time on the beach we headed for the shade and then up to the playground to have some fun. We finished off the visit with a good spin in the grass and the climbing of a great tree. What a day. So nice to be out in the world, feeling a warm summer breeze, smelling the suntan lotion and the people having lobster boils right there in the park. I think even Nana had a good time, getting to experience some real Maine summer weather!

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