Thursday, July 23, 2009

A whole hand


My little Cae turned 5 yesterday. A whole hand. We have always tried to make 5 a big deal, you know being a whole hand and all is pretty amazing. I made a chocolate cake, he got a new bike, and we just had a fun day doing what he wanted to do, which is pretty simple when you are 5.
He is such an amazingly energetic child. He doesn't walk he hops, he doesn't run he bolts, nothing he does is slow and simple, he is so full of life, sometimes it just takes your breath away. And as always, it seems to be going by too quickly. There doesn't seem to be enough time to stop and enjoy what is happening because life just pulls you along at the fast pass of a mighty flood. I want a slow lazy current sometimes, so slow I can savor each moment like you savor a good piece of chocolate or a fine wine.
Cae was the first baby I had that I actually got the time to feel the urge to push. No one told me it was time, that I was ready. The midwives just sat back and let me do what I had to do. He was born in the caul. He was born in the middle of the day, with a group of loving friends and family there to welcome him. And his baby moon was filled with wounderous dishes of food my friends brought over. He was big and hungry and smelled like heaven. My cloth diapering obssession grew wild with him. He was a funny little guy, so full of life. We have this little thing we do when I am leaving, he says "Drive careful, drive safe" and I say "I will, I will". This has to be said everytime I leave without him, every time! And we have our little secret lovely thing we do "I love you, your beautiful" and we say that back to each other many times a day.
Happy birthday Caelan Roy, I love you, your beautiful!

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