Monday, July 13, 2009

Yesterday with Nana... part 4

We went to Gilbert's for chowder and fish and chips. ( They have the best chowder anywhere (except my house of course), and we wanted Nana to get some good chowder in her before she leaves town in a few weeks.
Cae... what can I say. I had to add this picture because he was so full of life yesterday. His feet hardly touched the ground the whole day.
After that busy day, I was sure the boys would be passed on the way home, but no! There was much laughing and joking the whole way home. Then it was hands, face, teeth and into jammies. A few dozen kisses and hugs later (and a glass of water) and they were all tucked in. I went up 5 minutes later and all the boys were passed out!
It was a lovely day!

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