Thursday, July 12, 2012


Trying to keep with the environmental idelas I have, and wanting to sort of cut back on the amount of money I spend on all sorts of things I decided I would start making some of our cleaning products. I have made laundry soap in the past, both liquid and dry. Personally I like the dry better, BUT the liquid makes up a heck of a lot of soap, like 10 gallons!
I have used this recipe for liquid and this for dry. You can also add white vinegar to you laundry load to help with odors and as a fabric softener!

As for a counter/multipurpose cleaner I found a great recipe someplace and I have no idea when I found it, so here it is:
2TBSP vinegar
1tsp borax
a few drops mild dish soap or castile soap
10 drops of essential oil
2 cups HOT water
Mix the vinegar and borax in the hot water, add the dish soap and EO. mix well. Pour into spray bottle and top off with tap water.

I wasn't sure how this stuff would work on a hard job (like a bathroom that 5 kids use every single day!) but it cleaned great, even did mirrors with no streaking. And it cuts through grease on kitchen counter tops, another plus! It literally cost pennies to make and I had all the stuff in the house at the time! I really like this stuff. And you can change up the scent with what ever EO you have on hand, OR not add any if you wish it to be scent free.

As for most every thing else it is vinegar and baking soda. I found that apple cider vinegar works great for tough toilet rings, better than regular white vinegar.

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