Sunday, July 1, 2012

An early 4th of July Celebration

rowan in the pool

ready, set, go

fiona and mama in the pool


this one looks like a dandelion puff

just like this shot

part of the finale 

more finale

fiona rosie
The park near where my parents live holds a pre-fourth of July fireworks celebration. We try and go every year. So much fun! Go for a swim and Grandma and Papa's, have some BBQ meat and then walk over to the park to watch the fireworks. Fiona did great, I was a bit worried that the sounds would freak her out, but she really enjoyed herself.
I really like this little pre-fourth deal because every other place gets so crowded on the 4th we usually just stay home, and I LOVE fireworks. I hate to miss them. Personally I could do fireworks every single night, that and Christmas lights on all the houses and rainbows every single day!

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