Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coffee, Bills, and Rowan's goofy movie

After almost 40 years I have started having a morning cup of joe. Yes, it is sweet and milky and on ice, but still... every morning now I gotta have my coffee. Mike is actually very excited about this. For years I have shunned the nasty, bitter brew but lately, man, I just need me a cuppa. Especially on morning where I must pay the bills. Why is it that no matter how much money comes in, the bills always seem like they take almost all of it? Ah well, I try to practice my gratitude here: I am grateful for the bills, it means we have cool air, drinkable water, a place to live in.

I was downloading some pictures from the camera and ran across some videos Rowan made. He was trying to make a movie using his fingers as the characters. Hilarious. Nothing like movies made by a 5 year old to wipe away any anxiety over money.

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