Friday, July 13, 2012


I am going to admit an addiction of mine. I LOVE cloth diapers. I love them. I love their softness, I love their environmentalness, I love all the different kinds there are, I love that you can support a SAHM who knits wool covers or sews these beauties up, I love that they last for YEARS and you can use them for more than one child and/or pass them on to friends. I could spend a fortune on them and I have in the past!
Right now, the system I am using is Fuzzibunz at nights and a combo of Green Mountain Diapers "workhorse" diapers and Kissaluvs fitted diapers (usually without a cover because Fiona doesn't like covers and takes them off).
In the past I have used birdseye flat diapers which are great if you are short on money up front and live someplace that rains alot and want to hang them out to dry, those puppies dry super fast. And if you can knit, even a wee little bit there is this free wool diaper cover pattern that knits up super fast (I made one for Fiona and it took me about 10 hours total). You can get started with cloth for under $100.00, and those diapers would last for years!

I have been washing the diapers in the homemade laundry soap, rinsing them in vinegar, and hanging them up to dry. They have yet to get a funkiness to them and are holding up really well. You know, as much as I dislike folding the wash, I have to admit I love to fold and put away the cloth diapers.

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Nicole said...

I did clothe diapers all the way with Katherine and halfway with Henry. And I totally backed out with Lucy :) You definetly get your money's worth and more.