Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrating 44

Mike turned 44 this weekend. I must admit that this man of my heart, he just gets better with age. As much as I know we both drive each other nuts (probably more me to him, than the other way round), we do so love each other desperately. So on his birthday weekend, what did he do? He built me garden boxes in 100 degree weather, he killed black widow spiders, he chased the kids around, and he laughed.

And then on Sunday?? He brought in the wash, while wearing the pink cherry apron with the huge pockets for clothes pins. Now, that my friends, is a real man.

Happy birthday my love.


Keri said...

Happy birthday to your Hubby. And I agree, that is a real man for sure.

Martha said...

That's a good man ♥ happy 44th! I love the garden boxes. He looks much younger.