Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yarn Along

wool diaper cover

head band
 Well, my yarn for the EZ Tomten jacket didn't get here before we left on our camping trip so I was forced to come up with something else to knit. To pass the time I made myself a green and light lavender head band. It was really fun and easy. Actually what I did was knit 1 inch of garter stitch  and the did two rounds of the pattern from Amanda Soule's hat pattern then another inch of garter stitch. Works great to keep the ears warm while in the chilly north.
Then I started and have almost finished a hot pink and red diaper cover for Fiona. I was planning on making them "longies" but I was noticing my yarn was running out, so I just made them into shorts. I used the pattern for the "Bulky Weight Longies". My only problem is I can't seem to close up the crotch. Very frustrating, but I will figure it out eventually.
Ok, so the yarn didn't get to me before we left, but all that yummy goodness was here when we got back. The blue (scroll down to the "bluebird" color swatch... that's it! Although honestly all those colors look amazing) is so much better then I could have imagined. I did a swatch today and then cast on the project. I want it to be a wee bit big so maybe she could wear it more than one winter, but not so big she won't be able to wear it at all this year. I want to do a cream colored i-cord around the edges of the jacket when it is done. And the buttons I bought for the jacket just won't do now, I want toggle buttons. I have been looking on-line for what other have done with their tomtens and I really love this idea and this one.
I am still reading breastfeeding books. I am really enjoying them. Even though I have nursed for 14 or so years, there is still so much to know.
Joining Ginny for the weekly Wednesday Yarn Along!


steph said...

14 years of breastfeeding!!!! Oh,my!!! :)

Corrabelle said...

those are some sweet longies! I still haven't made a pair, but the itch is there.
I really like that bluebird wool...I hadn't really looked at knit picks wool before. It's pretty affordable!

Emily said...

Oooh, wool longies are on my to knit list. I've never made any before, but I've seen some patterns and tutorials that don't look too difficult. I like the ruffle look on yours.

Martha said...

I ♥ that headband you made!

Tracey said...

What a wonderful thing to come home to, that blue is really pretty!
I have to say that I miss having a wee one to nurse!

Julia said...

I like the headband! What is an intactivist?

karen said...

I hope your yarn is there now! It's the best kind of mail :) Love the longies they are adorable :)

momto5 said...

julia: an intactivist is someone who is pro intact genitalia for both girls and boys. if that makes sense. lol
@karen: i just love the different landscapes that AZ has. you think it is only desert, but it is so varied and beautiful.

Julia said...

That does make sense.

SuzyQ said...

So many beautiful projects!
I love the headband. My teen would love it! Maybe I should knit her one up for Christmas :)