Friday, September 21, 2012

Change is in the air


yummy good pizza

pool time


checkers, chess and art

sun through the trees

getting ready for the trip
Yes, finally there is a change in the air. Just a little, but for an Arizonan it is there. That subtle shift that means that the blazing heat of summer is at an end. Now instead of 110's we will be in the low 100's. The mornings will be in the 70's instead of the 80's. Hanging the wash up will actually be tolerable again, actually enjoyable. You can plan and start a garden again.
I feel more motivated to do things, like studies with the kids, or games of checkers and chess, or being outside again... in the wading pool, in the garden, in the sunshine. The boys actually go outside with out me sending them out, and they play for hours.
The littles and I are going up north for a long weekend to hang in the actual cold (70's during the day and 30's at night... eeeep!) so we pulled out all of our Maine goodness; wool hats, mad bomber hats, sweaters, down filled coats. I think we will be warm enough, I hope we will.
I must admit I just love a seasonal change, when thing are moving, even if ever so slowly, towards a new season, a new time of year.
Welcome Autumn!


DesertSnowdrop said...

I love Autumn as well. I have only been down south for a little over 5 months, and I agree with you about the heat. It is truly killing me! :) I love the winter, and envy you and your lovely little ones on your wonderful trip to it? Oh how exciting it will be! Enjoy!

Nicole said...

I think I love Fall so much because it means the end of the summer heat here!