Tuesday, September 18, 2012

~ Recipe Tuesday ~

I meant to post this way sooner so you could make this for breakfast. LOL It is my super tasty green smoothie.
Here is what I do:
about 1 1/2 -2 cups of water in the blender. Add 2 cups (or so, probably a wee bit more) of some sort of greens. I have been using Trader Joe's "Power greens" which contains baby spinach, kale, and chard. Then blend all that up. I learned that if you blend the greens up first it actually chops them up better, and it does! Sometimes I add some soaked chia seeds, sometimes not. Then in goes a whole peeled banana, some frozen pineapple and I blend some more. NOW, sometimes I add raspberries and I have to say that raspberries make it look a wee bit nasty. It tastes wonderful, but really is not visually appealing. In the smoothie pictured there were no raspberries at home, so it turned a lovely, vivid green, and was still very yummy. The boys have no interest what so ever in any sort of green drink, BUT Fiona and I really enjoy them in  the mornings. This recipe makes enough for two big smoothies.
While reading the blog "Journey Around the Son" I learned about people who have issues digesting oxalate (which is in your greens), some greens have more, like spinach and chard, and some have less like kale. This can cause some serious kidney problems, soooo you know if you are not doing well with oxalate, then skip the spinach and chard and stick with the kale.
You can also do a smoothie without the greens, but you know then it isn't a green smoothie. LOL


Tracey said...

It looks good!
I do a frozen banana, 1 cup blueberries, a handful of kale, a T. of local honey, a T. of raw vinegar and 1 huge scoop of a spirulina breakfast blend I put together. I look forward to this every morning, but sadly no one else in my family will even try it.

Annmarie Pipa said...

smoothies are my kids favorite after school snack..it is amazing the combinations I use and it still always tastes good. not to big on green smoothies though.

aka Jules said...

thanks for the shout out. Love your beautiful green smoothie... we have been adding flax and chia to ours lately and they look brown and black.... not as beautiful green as yours!!

Rachel Garner said...

My favorite green smoothie is much the same but pineapple,apple,goji berry!!! I am going to have to try yours :)