Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yarn Along and give away winners

the books

I had a bit of sadness happen last week, and got out of the sock knitting mood. I needed to knit something mindless and easy that could be used, so I took some of the left over cotton yarn I used to make Fiona's summer dress and I made some "grandmother's favorite dishcloths" they are so super easy and pleasant to knit, I think I might just keep knitting them for awhile, use up all of that left over yarn... maybe do a rainbow one.
I am still reading "Practicing Happy" which is very good and helpful, and I pulled out "Handbook for a New Millennium" which is full of lovely photos and great quotes, very inspiring.
hat and baby socks
I forgot to post a photo of the hat and baby socks I knitted up for a friend's friend's baby (is that confusing??)

 Tie-dyed doula won the Sacred Pregnancy book
Hannah@homebaked won the Mother Wisdom deck


karen said...

love how tiny and cute the hat and socks are :) There is nothing as soothing as mindless knitting, it's my therapy!!

Karin-Ida said...

sweet socks and hat and i like the idea of rainbow dishcloths!
knitting everyday keeps me in balance;)

EMMA said...

Lovely hat and socks! I'v made a few of those dishcloths. When I'm making one I keep it next to the stove to pick up and put down when ever I have a few minutes - I call them 'my waiting for the water to boil' projects!

Leslie said...

Knitted washcloths are the best!
The baby set darling.

Ruth McKeon said...

I really love Grandmothers favourite dishcloth pattern, its my go to of cloths and is so easy to sit and switch off from everything and knit. Love the wee hat and socks, so cute.

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

I'm sorry to hear you had some sad news xx
Lovely rainbow dishcloths - they're often my choice of project for knitting in the cinema as there's not much that can go wrong with them and you can never have too many, can you?

So exciting to win a giveaway - thank you!

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Oh those little socks and hat are so cute. Your book looks like something I would like, adding it to my list, thanks!

Ren said...

Dish cloths - what a great idea! Might use that for my left over bits of yarn.

Happy knitting :)

Ren said...

Dish cloths - what a great idea! Might use that for my left over bits of yarn.

Happy knitting :)

Katharine Blair said...

The rainbow colours are lovely! I also made some brightly coloured plans this week after a bit of sad news. Colour therapy all the way!

Kristen said... that tiny hat and booties! Good idea about the dishcloths, I could use some new ones.

Tracey said...

I'm sorry to hear you had sadness creep into your life and hope all is better now and you are smiling.
The dish cloths look perfect for spring. I really should knit a few cloths for my kitchen, the ones I have now are just pitiful looking.
Take care.

Marcy said...

Oh, love. I sure hope all is well. You did a knock out job on those socks and hat!! Beautiful xo