Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yarn Along and GIVE AWAY!

Joining Ginny from Small Things for the weekly Wednesday Yarn Along!

finished baby socks

one of fiona's socks (the yarn is so much more lovely then this picture)

Still enjoying the sock knitting. Slowing down a bit, just 1 and 1/2 pairs this week. I have a big project looming and I think I am moseying along with the ones I am currently working on. I think if there is enough yarn left over after making Fiona's socks I will knit ANOTHER pair of baby ankle socks, you know, just to put off the bigger thing. LOL

what i have been reading
I have been reading! I mean really reading stuff this past week. Maybe that is why the knitting is going slowly. Besides the books I read about 10 times a day to Fiona I have been reading "Knitting Rules", "Practicing Happy" and "Full Cup", along with two magazines and a math book. Sitting outside in the sunshine while the kids ride bikes, draw with chalk, make mud pies, and run around is just heavenly with a good book and a cup of iced herbal tea.



Recently I was lucky enough to win an amazing give away put on by Sacred Pregnancy. It was full of all sorts of awesome stuff. Two of the things I already had (see I am awesome!). So I want to offer up the two lovely gifts to all of you!

#1: Mother Wisdom Deck This is a great deck! Lots of insight in those pages of the book that comes with the cards. I love mine a lot.

#2 Sacred Pregnancy book. Love this book. Wish I had had it when I was pregnant! So, if your pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, or you work with pregnant women, this book is a lovely resource. Heck, maybe you don't even need to be pregnant, some of the journal ideas are wonderful whether you are having a baby or not.

If you have a preference put it in your comment, that way I won't send you a pregnancy book if you don't need or want it. LOL
I will be drawing two names Tuesday March 25th at 11PM. Good luck!


Tracey said...

I love seeing all the socks, although it makes me want to cast on a pair too and I really need to finish my projects first.

fairymom said...

Your socks are great. I really need to learn to knit socks. Lots of feet to cover here!

Hmm, either one would be awesome. But if I had to choose id say The Mothers Wisdom.

EMMA said...

Those socks are very cute, and such wonderful colors for children.

Anonymous said...

Don't enter me in the giveaway please, I would rather an expectant mother win!
I also am a part of the Sacred Pregnancy website/facebook page and really love them. I hope to train to be a Doula and eventually a mid-wife!
Your socks are awesome, I would love to knit some socks one day!

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Gorgeous socks! I wish I had some little feet to knit for.
The Mothers Wisdom book looks really interesting but I'm in the UK so don't enter me - it will cost a fortune to post :o)

sustainablemum said...

Love your socks :), your giveaway is great if you would consider posting to the UK (I will pay!) would love to enter the giveaway for the Mothers Wisdom cards

momto5 said...

oh i ship internationally. lol my last two give aways one went to Australia and one to France. :)

tie-dyed doula said...

I need to learn to knit socks! Im so scared of them for some reason. Lol. Your are really beautiful!

Lori ann said...

your socks are SO darling, i love the little ones. i wish i were pregnant, oh no i don't ;)
but i do miss those days!

Rachel Garner said...

That Mother's Wisdom Deck looks so cool! How can I get more Alpine Goat Girl Lotion?

Dee said...

Each Peach Pear Plum is the best kids book ever. Love it. Your socks are very adorable.

Chrissy said...

Gorgeous socks, both of them! The yarn you chose is so fun! I love knitting socks!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment! Happy knitting xxx

Heather L. said...

Your little socks are gorgeous!!!! I must get over my sock hump and finish the sock that has been on my needles for years......

As for the giveaway, I would choose the Mothers Wisdom.