Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And what do they choose?

the games and puzzles

games and craft stuff

boys toys and some of the books

more toys

piano and drums

bikes, scooters and hoops (not all shown)

bubbles, chalk, and thingies

play kitchen

basketball hoop

the BIG screen

the little screen
I have been trying to simplify, get rid of some stuff and make room in our space, but also in our heads. We have LOADS of goodies for the kids, lots of games, toys, art supplies, things to ride, things to throw, sand, a outside play house, easels, the list goes on and on and on.
As a homeschooling mama, I feel the need to have alot of stuff just waiting for them to be inspired. But really what they spend most of their time doing, or what they want to spend most of their time doing is watching something. It's hard because I want to be one of those free-wheeling-let-them-do-what-they-want-when- they-want-for-as-long-as-they-want-sorta unschooling mom, but I feel like that might be not so good either. I don't want to be uber controlling and crabby. I know we need the TV and computer, I can't hide them forever from things, and it isn't so much that. It seems that (to me anyway) we (as in humans) are not meant to sit around on our butts all day long staring blankly and a screen. We are meant to be DOING things, being outside, playing with toys, using our minds on puzzles and games. Doing things together, reading books, drawing, blowing bubbles, playing in the sand. I feel like the TV in the living room and a computer in the dinning room sort of change the focus. I am not sure where to put these things, or maybe DO WE NEED THEM? I mean will my children be forever scared with out a TV (we have been without on for years before, it is sort of a new thing that we have it again), we they be outcasts without a computer? Is there some sort of balance we can make?
My vision... oh how I wish I had stuck to my guns on this, is a TV free home. Yes, I too am a TV and computer addict and maybe that is the best reason to let it all go. There have been studies that show TV and computers are just as addictive as drugs and do to your brain the same things that drugs do. And yet there are pieces out there that say limiting your children's computer time is also bad and you just need to nose out. What I wonder about, though, is aren't I the parent? Is it bad for me to use my life experience to help my children? Do you allow your child to play with fire and get burned just so it is their experience, and you don't push your own experience on them? I don't know. Some days I just feel like I have no idea what to do. Am I screwing them up? I guess I will never know. I can just do what I think is best and keep my fingers crossed. That seems like such a crap shoot. I want to just be guaranteed a good out come. LOL I guess that is too much to ask.
I think, that maybe, just maybe we will try something different, let the TV and computer be off more then on and be outside more then in. I do have plans on us doing something not at home every weekday and my hope is that that will inspire us to maybe not need the TV and computer so much to fill up our days.

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Alica McKenna Johnson said...

I love how beautiful your space is. TV and computers are very addictive. I think helping them learn balance is a lovely goal. Then maybe you cna teach me lol!