Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fiona Rose

at the chalk board

drawing with big brother rowan

throwing the sand out of the sand box

playing with sagan

let's talk about hats

and let's put this here


more puzzles

out to eat

bath time

happy girl
Oh how this year has flown by. I still have a few more days, a few more days before she is one. Can it really have happened this quickly? It seemed to take forever for Audrey to turn one, but Fiona's first year... like lightening. This time last year I was waiting, I had a few more days to go, but I knew it could happen any time now, any time. Man, oh, man it is such a blessing to have this little girl in this house. She brings everyone back to center. I don't think there is a little sister as loved as this girlie right here. So many people to love her. Soon enough it will happen, I will be preparing myself for her to take flight and leave this full nest, but hopefully time will slow down just a wee bit and let me savor a bit longer.
I don't think there is a night that I am up late with her that I am angered about it. Life is just too short, and these years, these early years go so quickly. It is so cliche, I know, but the time really does go by quickly and you really do need to savor it. One day you will wake up and they are 17 and filling out FAFSAs to go off to college. And you think whaaaa? When the heck did that happen? Wasn't I just changing that diaper? Wasn't I just nursing you to sleep?
So I am going to stay up as long as she needs me and she can nurse for 100 years if she wants and I will savor these days because it is all over too quickly.

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Caz said...

omg loving the kitchen sink bath pics! Oh the joys of sink baths hehehe. Gorgeous :)