Saturday, January 28, 2012


birthday pancakes

making stone soup


ready set go!


what's in the basket?


balloons and lollies

the great red lolly pop

kids in the sand
Thursday was just a good day. We started the day off with birthday buttermilk pancakes, then the boys and I talked about the story of stone soup and made a batch to cook in the crock-pot while we were at the park. At the park a dad had hung a rope on a tree and there was much swinging on that rope and someone else had brought balloons and someone else (ME!) brought lollipops, so there was just a wild good time.
I love days like that, just hanging with the kids in the mild Arizona winter soaking up the sunlight at the park with great friends and knowing that a yummy dinner is waiting at home. It was a lovely way to spend Fiona's first birthday/

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Alica McKenna Johnson said...

That looks like a wonderful day- I miss homeschooling park days :(