Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday and Sunday

saturday sunrise

emu egg!

emu egg cooking

messy messy

the doll is coming along

trying to feed the birdies

this is where we are

happy hiker

blooming cat tail

look at the birds up in the tree

what is this?

more birds

walking on the snake

camp out
This was a fairly busy weekend. For some unknown reason I woke up waaaay before the sun on Saturday and actually got to see it rise! That hasn't happened in years. It was lovely, although I am not sure I can handle doing it everyday. Saturday was spent mostly with me organizing things. This has become sort of an obsession of mine lately. Doing and redoing, thinking and rethinking our space. Maybe because it isn't MY space (we are renting) and I can't actually do any thing real to the space that I just keep moving stuff around until it is just right, we will see how long this movement stays. I actually really like it, so it might have a chance. (sadly, or maybe not so sadly, there are no pictures of the cleaning and rearranging of things.)
Sunday, Mike and I took the little boys and Fiona to the Gilbert Riparian Institute (a friend recently went and that was the final kick in the pants I needed to get us there. It is a whole 20 minutes from us! lol) We had alot of fun in the beginning, but when the trip got cut short to go pick up Logan, well you would think the boys had never walked before, oh the moaning and complaining. Thankfully we made it out alive and that 1/2 mile hike was survived. I am making plans to take the boys and Fiona back some time very, very soon. There is so much to see and do. They have this ramada area that has a 6 inch sun on a plaque, as you walk away from the sun you run into other plaques of the other planets and how far they are away from the sun and there relative size as compared to the small sun. It was really neat trying to find the outer gas giants. We missed a couple, maybe we took the wrong path? Plus we never even got to the dinosaur area! So it is a moral imperative that we get back soon.

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