Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Sunday

rowan's paper cutting

working on fiona's birthday gift


working on the terrarium

still working on it

all done


logan drawing

audrey and her guitar

my poor sick caelan

comic book reading
We had so many plans for this Sunday, but they all went to the wayside when Cae woke up feeling funky and continued to get worse all day long. There were many whacky and crazy moments today, but I will spare you the gory details. I, instead, will focus on the nice pleasant moments of calm family fun. Audrey read an entire novel and played her guitar, Logan drew some pictures and read a book and chased his brothers around the house, Caelan laid around the house feverish, Rowan and I made a terrarium with the violas I got at Trader Joe's the other day (we will see how that turns out), and Sagan read some Calvin and Hobbes comic books. I tried like crazy to make some headway on Fiona's birthday gift, and Mike worked on some music. And for some crazy reason I worked on organizing things. I cleaned out the pantry, and spice cupboard and our "schooling" bookshelf.
I can no longer live by the seat of my pants when it comes to our homeschooling. I found some great ideas on Wee Folk Art, the have made up a homeschooling sort of template for little kids, Rowan is truly the age it is targeted for, but I feel I can totally fill in the gaps and make it fun and wee bit challenging for all of us and help fill our days with something other then mindless TV watching and computer time. Sometimes I think the bickering we have going on here is a result of some serious boredom. I think doing a little bit of structured something every day will be good for us. Knowing that we have a bit of predictably might help the days run smoother, at least that is the hope.


Proud Mama said...

So sorry that Caelan is unwell. Hope he is feeling better today. We have had a lazy catchup weekend with Dave. It has been nice. On the homeschooling front, I have found limiting our screens to be a huge help. We are back making and doing which I love so much. Good luck.

momto5 said...

thanks. sadly i get a bit lax on that and then all heck breaks loose.
i am glad dave is home.

Aikido Mama said...

Poor Cae! He looks flushed in that picture. I've found that limiting screen time allows for so much more creativity and activity! Playing music, building, talking, taking a walk, reading, writing, riding bikes, and on an on. I'm not just talking about for my son, but for myself as well. :)

momto5 said...

i agree. i am on waaay too much as well.and i get so much done when i turn off the tv and computer.

Nicole said...

I really hope Caelan is better by now and that noyone else gets sick. You are using DPN!