Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yarn Along

pointy gnome hats

sock and books

books i am reading to the kids
I finished up Fiona's doll last week and over the weekend I knitted up three pointy gnome hats from "More Last Minute Knitted Gifts" one for Fiona, one for her dolly and one for one of Logan's friend's mom's new baby. I cast on my first pair of socks. I search the internet for a super easy pattern and found this one, which seems pretty good and works because I have the right size needles and yarn! I got this cool looking self stripping yarn at Joann's. I am not sure who the socks will fit, but the colors are pretty asexual so someone in this house will get some cool socks in a week or so (if I can get past the heel... i am terrified of this! LOL). I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed here at home with the wildness that is my children, so I pulled out some books to help recenter me. I really love "Above All, Be Kind" and really reminds me how much of a better parent I can be. And I have had "Simplicity Parenting" for some time now and just haven't really invested much time in to reading it.
Here in Arizona we are in full on spring time and so the boys and I have been reading gardening and plant books. I always get such garden fever this time of year. We are planning on a trip to a garden center this week also, so they can pick out a few goodies to plant in some pots we have. I already have a few seedlings to plant this coming weekend after we get the garden bed all ready. It has been too many years with out a garden now, I think I am in withdrawal.
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Tracey said...

The pointy gnome hats are adorable! I have been wanting to knit one for awhile and really need to just do it.
We are in the thick of gardening here, which is really a little early for us. Winter decided to forget the south this year so my will consist of getting the herb bed complete.
Happy Yarn Along!

Serena said...

Love the colors in those gnome hats!

amanda {the habit of being} said...

cute little gnome hats! a friend and i were emailing about the same pattern this morning and i can't wait to make one for our lil miss - too cute!

Hurrayic said...

Love those pointy hats. My children are older so this would not be a very 'cool' pattern...maybe my youngest would be the only one. I'd wear one.

momto5 said...

in the book it says they take about 2 hours, and i am a slow knitter and they totally do take about two hours.i would make them for everyone. lol

meredith said...

the hats look great--so cheery! i need to read Simplicity Parenting. i feel like i am hearing about that book everywhere these days, but i still haven't picked up a copy!