Monday, January 16, 2012

Making plans

Besides Fiona looking charming while eating yogurt, I have been making plans.
I have been feeling a bit like I am not living in the most sustainable way. Although we do recycle, but personally, I feel like there is so much more we can do, but are just being lazy about doing. I found this in door composter, I like that it is so big. We throw away alot of scraps with a family this big. I also want to make a compost bin outside, one that is just made of chicken wire (scroll down to see it). I also want to see if I can get some sort of movable water harvesting set up. I love those big 2000 gallon galvanized steel ones, but you know we are renting. I am hoping this book will have some ideas. And a garden... oh a garden. We have this one wee small area that gets some decent sunlight, and half way gardenable dirt. I will have to do something to it, probably alot of something. And maybe just maybe i can get 3 hens in our yard. I am going to check craigslist and see if anyone has a couple they don't want any more... or some feed store. Although I did find a place that ships three baby chicks. I don't know about that yet.
Anyway, that is what I am planning. Always planning. :)


Proud Mama said...

I have been looking into all this for years. Let me know if I can help. I am envious of your yard (even if you worry about it). You could get bricks or building materials from freecycle. Then buy for dirt for raised beds. E has her chickens, and I bet she would give them to you if you asked. I know she wants to pass them on. We obtained an outdoor composter from the city when we lived in Gilbert. I am not sure if Tempe does it. It is just an old trashbin without a bottom and holes drilled into it. It worked quite well. Scottsdale also has a composter available. There is also the permaculture group locally full of loads of information.

Alica McKenna Johnson said...

Sounds like a great plans! I wish I had a yard.
And of course she's super cute!

karen said...

these sound like some great positive changes! Chickens are lots of fun:)

momto5 said...

this was all stuff i wanted to do for so long. we did some of it in tucson.
thanks for the mention of freecycle! i always forget about that. i have been trolling craigslist for chickens. lol
we had a composter in tucson that was an old city trashcan. i loved it!
since the possibility of us leaving this house is pretty small, i think i want to do some stuff that isn't permanent, but will help me feel better about how we live.