Friday, March 9, 2012

Goaty Goodness

picking grass to chew on 


the kids milling around

the bush where bikes grow


more goats

making goats milk ice cream

cranking the ice cream
We went to a local goat farm with our homeschool friends on Thursday! What fun. It got me wanting a piece of land again to raise chickens and pigs on (The Bacon and Egg ranch. lol)The kids fed the animals and ran around, us grown ups talked to the lady who owns the land and learned about her heritage breeds of pigs and chickens. We got to smaple the yummy goat cheese and the kids helped make goat's milk ice cream (the woman's great grandmothers recipe!) and then we all loaded up on goodies (I got a gallon of milk, cheese and bread). I think we (the littles and I) might make a weekly visit there to get the milk, so amazingly yummy!

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