Monday, March 5, 2012

Saturday and Sunday

enjoying ice cream

looking cool

if you look hard enough you can see logan

sidewalk art

more sidewalk art

even more sidewalk art

fiona got a special level of filthy

head number 1

head number 2

head number 3

the heads all shaved
 We had a fairly busy weekend. The school that both Audrey and Logan go to was having their spring fund raiser... Arts Explosion. Audrey preformed in a couple musical theater numbers and did a reading form a short story she wrote and Logan played a piano piece. There was all sorts of art to buy and look at and listen to. Nana hooked the boys up with donuts, soda and sunglasses from some of the booths. I got each of the little boys a bowl that was filled with ice cream. I wish the pictures of Audrey had actually come out, but sadly my camera just isn't good in a darkened theater. She did wonderfully though (as always) and Logan has his won cheering squad who sat right behind him all happy and clapping and just wonderful. It was really nice that the grandparents could come and see all this coolness that is The New School for the Arts.
While at Arts explosion they had an area set up for people to draw on the asphalt. One young man was working for HOURS on this lovely flower/butterfly combo. It was amazing. The kids got really into drawing and occasionally someone would step on this guy's drawing... he has not yet learned the lesson of impermanence. LOL
Suddenly in the middle of a quiet Sunday Cae, Logan and Rowan all wanted to have hair cuts, and they wanted them now. Since they all wanted to have their heads shaved Mike just did it. It was sort of a big deal because Rowan had never had a hair cut before. He sat perfectly still and was so happy when it was all done. I worried a bit that he would freak out half way through and be half shaved... but he did it. No more wispy baby hair. He still has his cute chubby baby face, thankfully. I am not sure I could deal with him looking too much like a big kid yet.

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