Tuesday, March 27, 2012


moon pie


what could be up there?

eating the goods

look at all the cool stuff


look who is the seat...

the girlies

look at that face

What a wonderful weekend we had. Sunday was especially nice. We all went down to Mill Ave. for a walk about. We visited a candy store, Mike bought a record, Sagan picked up a old Hardy Boys book at the used book shop, and we hung out a grassy spot. Lots of good people watching to do. And when we got home... a lovely dinner of mostly local goodness. A grilled steak (from Double Check Ranch), sweet potatoes and braising greens (from Chow Locally) and broccoli (from Trader Joe's lol).  There was lots of laughing, talking, and just good old family togetherness. I love my life. :)

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