Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday Monday

basketball with dad

he shoots

he scores!


football like game

look at them. :) those are my kids! <3
After Dad got home from work he took the kids to the front yard and they all played some strange games of ball. You know, I just love that he does this; that Mike takes the time to connect with the kids and that they (the kids) all love being together (ok most of the time they do). And I love that I get to witness it all; that I don't have to run off to a night shift at a hospital like I use to. We have made a lot of mistakes, Mike and I, but I don't feel like what we are doing now is one of them. Yes, things would be easier if I was working, but only in the pocket book, and you know life is way more then just how much money you have in the bank. So I will take having an old minivan, and having to get the kids clothing at the thrift store (or from friends), and having to squeeze each penny some months to get by... I will do all of that so we have this. We have this time together.

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