Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What we have been up to: Out in the world

spicy pickles at the farmer's market

beets, how i love how you look and hate how you taste

spin that wool
 We hit the downtown Phoenix farmer's market. So much fun there, so many cool venders, good food and sun shinny goodness.

use a stick, chalk and a piece of string


well, what to do here miss fiona rose

pizza pi

learning about pi

making pi bracelets

more pi braclets
 Pi day (3/14) was waaay fun. And II finally go it. I finally learned how to use pi! All those years in school and it never stuck, but getting out on the basketball court with chalk, string and sticks and a gaggle of kids... and LIGHTBULB! I can be taught! We also had some lemon pie to eat, and pizza pie with the pi symbol made in pepperoni! What an awesome group of friends we have!
birthday cupcakes

birthday lollypops

birthday snacks

wading in the fountain

lots of water fun

yes, it is a flash back to hippy goodness. 

fiona yelling at everyone
We got together with our peeps and celebrated all the March birthdays at the Scottsdale civic center park. I swear, another of my favorite places on earth. Maybe it isn't so much the place as the people we are spending time with. Again and again I am reminded of how lucky we are to have such an amazing group of friends to share our life with. I love you all so very much. <3

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Alica McKenna Johnson said...

So much fun! I wish I had spice pickled mushrooms.