Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The best day ever

fiona at the civic center

this is what homeschool park lunch looks like

hanging with the homies

climbing all over LOVE

what is down there?

look at the bird up in the tree

more LOVE

fiona and her pal checking out a puddle


hey there fiona!

where we are going we don't need shoes

fountain and garden

pretty flowers
Well, at least one of the best days ever.
People wonder why I homeschool... this is why: we get to spend all day with our friends at a park in the sunshine, running and playing. My children get to climb trees, explore fountains, talk about what they want, run, laugh, talk to adults and babies, eat, chill, pick flowers, run about naked (ok the littlest ones get to do that). And they are surrounded by amazingly smart, talented, and caring adults. These women are inspiring, beautiful, smart, and loving. How incredible is that? This is a community, a family we created and my children get to wallow in its amazingness all the time.
We met up with our friends at the Scottsdale Civic Center plaza. What a wonderful place. It was so great that Cae and a friend wanted to live there secretly. They thought living in the LOVE sculpture would be great and they could eat the food from the vegetable garden or get mac and cheese from one of the restaurants. Sagan had a great time talking to one of the dad's,which is in itself just cool that he has another adult male to chat with.
We spent HOURS there, and when it was time to go we were just filled up. Our cups runneth over.

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