Friday, March 30, 2012

My Logan

My Logan

Oh this day. Oh this boy. My Logan Harrison Hawkes. I have a hard time believing this wonderful human came from me. And yet he did. I feel so blessed to have this amazing person in my life, I feel blessed and honored to be his mother. It seems like crazy talk that he is now 14. 14 years, really? Already? It is going to fast, I want to stop the days, or slow them down, or turn back the clocks or something, something to halt the pace so I can savor more of him. It won't be too long from now when he will be up and out of the nest, out in the wide world. But, I won't dwell on that future date, I will just sit here in these moments with him, they are so few now, and love him so hard and so deep that he will remember it in his very soul. He will know a mother's fierce love.
Happy birthday my young man.


Nicole said...

oh heather, i cannot imagine henry being 14! do u still get kisses and hugging in? the day when i cannot smother henry shamelessly (bc he has always been my biggest cuddler) with kisses will be very sad!

Barefoot Books Liz said...

That made me all teary eyed!