Saturday, February 2, 2013

Grocery challenge

I am so excited about this challenge... the challenge to decrease the food budget. I think we spend roughly the same amount of money on food every month as we do on rent... and I think we spend waaaay to much on rent. My goal is to cut the spending by $400 a month. (I know, I said we spend a lot.) This leave us with roughly $200 a week for food for a family of 7. I try and get most of our produce at the farmer's market, along with our meats and eggs (although the chickens are doing way better than i hoped they still only give us about 9 eggs a week and we eat over two dozen a week.) I am lucky, we still have some of our mini freezer pack of beef in the freezer, some salmon, a couple chickens, and some chicken parts as well as a couple pounds of beef bacon. I went thru the pantry and we have lots of canned salmon, some canned beans, rice, a couple kinds of flour, oats, pasta, chocolate chips (VERY important), coconut oil and olive oil. I was able to do the grocery shopping today, mostly at the farmer's market. I picked up our CSA share (which $25 a week), bought lots more greens, carrots, green beans, broccoli, and some very strange looking vegetable which I do not have the name of, but it looked awesome. I hit Trader Joe's for a few staples and spent a total of $150 for all of that stuff. So we have $50 for things like milk, water, bread and the Wednesday trip to the farmer's market for whatever we run out of... usually apples and carrots. I think we can totally do this!
If you want to join in as well, head over to Gypsy Forest and sign up!


Rachel Garner said...

That chard looks mighty tasty! One of my favorites! This challenge is a great idea!

Heather aka Proud Mama said...

I wanted to talk to you more about this. I thought about posting to the hsing group, but was unsure. I think it is good to tap each other's brains for tips on cutting the spending without sacrificing quality.

Nicole said...

heather, i am working on this myself. good luck! i just tried to spend 200 bucks a week on everything but bills and that did not work. juts trying things out.