Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny from Small Things for the weekly Wednesday Yarn Along.

I finished up a wee bit of cuteness for my nephew. I had so much fun knitting those itty bitty baby socks. And I must admit I am super proud of myself, the last time I started a sock I chickened out at the heel turn, but this time I pushed through and TADA! SOCKS! Even though my brother and his wife live in the same city, I knew that if I didn't get this stuff to wee baby nephew ASAP he would out grow it, so I mailed it. LOL and he got it on Monday. Hopefully my dear sister in law with snap a pic before the little guy can't fit in those socks any longer.
I have miss place my camera, so I have no picture of the project I am currently working on.... another pair of socks! I think I found a new love, socks. I know all my peeps will wear socks, so now I have something to knit. I used this pattern for the baby socks and I am sorta kinda using it for this pair as well. Instead of ribbing all the way down I did about an inch at the top because I got the best self striping sock yarn and I really want to show of the sweet pattern it makes. It is similar to this yarn's pattern, but it has yellows and browns as well as blues and reds and a really awesome zig zaggy black and white area. Depending on what size the turn out to be the socks will either belong to Sagan or Caelan. Only time will tell. :)
I have been reading The Mother Magazine , and watching Doc Martin while I knit late at night.


Heather aka Proud Mama said...

I really liked Doc Martin. Love all the socks! See you don't miss me at all.

Tracey said...

There is something magical about sock knitting isn't there?

Mama Gone Green said...

what a sweet vest!

cpcable said...

Those socks are adorable! Way to go!

Lori ann said...

adorable! and sure to be well loved!