Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And she's off...

Sister started 10th grade today. I am really proud of her, making this hard choice, pushing herself past her comfort zone and taking on this big challenge. The great thing about homeschooling and having "free learning" leanings is that she gets to follow her passions, she gets to make up her mind on what she wants to do with her life. She may not be making the choices I would, but it isn't about me, it is about her. And as always, she knows that whatever happens she is always welcome to change her mind. Because how can you know if something is good or bad unless you give it a go.
As for the rest of us... well we have the library to visit, the farmer's market to go to and per my boys demands worksheets! haha. Cae is set on doing school at home. Who am I to say no. Maybe this will stick and we will be doing book work a few hours each day, or maybe over time we will slip into another rhythm. I am trying to keep things light and free flowing, trying to keep a touch of nature in our studies and adding more "Waldorf" goodness to the mix. This week we will be making our nature journals and main lesson books. We have to go digging thru all the books and find our books on fall and the harvest, and of course we need to prepare for Mabon which is in a couple weeks. So many things to do!
I always get to recharged in fall, the cool air, that energy that comes with the seasons changing. It is like spring fever, only better (at least for me). Time to start roasting things, and baking more, and making soup. Time to pull out the winter coats and snow pants and boots and see who needs what and what still fits. Time to head to the shops and load up on notebooks and markers and clay (all those back to school sales). Time to get hooked up with a heating oil company (eeek), and time to be outside, in what is left of the summer.

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