Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In the reading basket...

I put together a seasonal reading basket for the little boys. Something to read and re-read everyday to sort of put us in the mood for fall. This is just a few of our favorites right now. Cae is loving "Peter in Blueberry Land" and I am reading that at least twice a day, which is all right with me, as it is such a sweet story. Sagan loves "Woody, Hazel and Little Pip" especially the parts about gnome beard washing and delivery. In fact all of the Elsa Beskow books are our favorites. I am slowly collecting them, and everyone we get becomes a favorite. It is just amazing how a story book about a child over 100 years ago can still speak to children today, as if all the technology just vanishes and the best parts of childhood, the magic and adventure stay and connect to children today. Enjoy your fall reading!

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