Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Hike (part 1)

This last Sunday, Mike suggested that we take a hike at a nature preserve near our house. It was a lovely 1 mile loop that skirted a river for part of the hike. We saw many mushrooms, spider webs and we even saw deer tracks near the river's edge. It was so nice, that I have been think of making it a weekly event for the boys and me. Get in a nice walk and watch fall decend in this little corner of the world. I have been trying to work out a main lesson block for the month of September, and as the month is half over I have finally decided that "fall" should be our thing to study this month. I have this plan to make "nature" books for the boys so when we go out they can collect pine cones and acorns and fall leaves, maybe even make tree rubbing and draw any birds we see. Recently I found a book on the birds of Maine for Sagan and Caelan to look at, this would be a great thing to take along with us. (Along with snacks and water, because we might be out for an hour and you can't go one hour without food. heehee)

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