Saturday, September 26, 2009

Common Grounds Fair 2009 (part 1)

Today was the day, the day I had been waiting for almost a year for... the Common Grounds Fair put on by MOFGA ( ). The Common Grounds Fair, is a huge three day ordeal of ogranic local farms here in Maine, getting together to show off their animals, their produce and their goods. There are, of course, your food stalls (which seem to be the only thing my children are interested in) but even those have a local and somewhat healthy bend to them, like the popcorn which was made from locally grown popping corn, Maine sea salt and organic safflower oil. Pretty cool.
Getting to the fair was a long long drive, but it was lovely. So much beautiful country side. After turning off the main road we got stuck in a 45 minute traffic jam, which we were sure would lead to us having no place to park, only to find out that the hold up was a local soccer team trying to get money from passing cars (stange way to go about things). After we parked we took the 10 minute jaunt thru the woods, which let us see draft horses pulling logs. There was a talk on sustainable logging going on and a demo.

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