Monday, September 14, 2009

Not back to school pot luck...

Today was the offical homeschooling start up day. The group we belong to had the "not back to school" pot luck, and play date at Fort Williams Park (at the Portland Headlight). The kids had a great time playing in the ocean, climbing around the fort ruins, and swinging. There was a pretty impressive group there today, lots of kids running about, climbing the rocky coast line and playing in the fields. And the food was great! Yet another group of rocking homeschooling cooks! There was the best potato salad I have ever ate, (honestly it was amazing!) there was freshly made peach jam on homemade bread (I had to take the bread to pile the 1/2 cup jam on it!), and blueberry pie. Ahhh heaven! I think the boys, however, lived off of cookies and watermelon, ah well more for me. We have about 8 more weeks of good park going weather before we have to make other arrangements, but we will be out and about and hang with the homeschoolers until then.

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