Monday, September 7, 2009

A nice way to spend your birthday...

Yesterday I turned 37, which wasn't too bad, because for some reson I kept thinking I was 37, so I gained a year! Saturday we went to the farmer's market and Mike got me a wooden bowl I have been wishing for all summer long. Now it sits in the kitchen full of lovely tart local apples. And while I was at work Saturday evening Mike built me a compost bin! So we have a place to toss the apple cores! Sunday we packed up lunch and headed to Reid State Park and to 1 mile beach. It was great. The breeze was calm and cool, the sun warm and the ocean perfect. The kids got busy right away building a castle then a wall of driftwood and seaweed to protect it. Reid Beach is full up with driftwood. We saw a house/fort thing built with driftwood on the beach, and everyone had driftwood things built to hang their towels and kites, it was really neat. There were a few surfers on the ocean, although the waves didn't cooperate too much for them, they still looked really cool (as surfers tend to be). Mike took Audrey, Logan, Sagan and Cae on a hike up the beach to a rock out cropping and the climbed around there for a bit. I stayed with Rowan and played under the towels and had a meemee fest. Then after 5 hours we called it a day and headed out, but we had to make a pit stop at the DQ to get some ice cream, can't have a birthday without a sweet treat! I made fish for dinner and then crashed early. It was just a perfect birthday!

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