Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Sagan

Oh, my sweet darling Sagan. Happy happy birthday to you. I remember your birth like it was yesterday. You were my first homebirth. We worked and worked to get you out into the world thinking you were late only to find out that you were early, you were long and skinny and yummy! You nursed like a champ, and with you I discovered the wonder and joy of cloth diapers. I found Mothering magazine. I found my true voice, my true calling into motherhood. You surprise me everyday with your thirst for knowledge, you want to know so much, you are so full of questions.
You have pushed me to be a better mother, tested me, forced me to grow and change my thinking about what it means to a good mother. I hope I am doing a good job by you.
Happy birthday my sweet boy.

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